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Her imperial royal and Spiritual Majesty

Her spiritual path is emphasizing reaching to God and unity through love. Her unconditional love for humanity has served the nation. Her magnetic charisma and smile being combined with her motivational, inspirational divine energy and wordings coming from the source , soothing voice and spirits in her majesty has uplifted many to reach their highest standers of achieveability not only in spiritual levels but for globalization of peace with goal of no more war and separation between tribes and countries at the global range. As the Dame Commander with Royal order of (ROH), for Humanity.
Her majesty is commanding the world to love not to fight. To serve not to laze. Her popular order is It is why she is being loved as the Queen mother and is called as ” Empress of universe “.
Her Early life and the cause of her works She is the only child of a medical parents whose at early age lost her mother, mentor at the front line of war between Iran- Iraq that has great deep emotional impact in her life and turned her to stay upright and strong as a true mother queen for her global children. Her works mainly focuses on anti-racism, war and for women empowerment youth, power of spirituality and justice. PROFESSIONAL and Royal ACHIEVEMENTS / INTEREST

Royal coronation ceremony: What We Do
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